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EP Update 

Hey Hey Hey hope y'all are doing well. The EP 'Powder House' is coming along nicely, Jerry Craft working overtime to get this out and pressed in the next few weeks. Take a listen to the sampler for a sneak preview.

I'm really loving how 'Fine Blue Crystalline Line' is sounding, it's definitely a saga but I hope you enjoy the story. Starts with 'This tale begins underneath the skin of a well dressed mannequin american made...' and finishes with '...believe you can go forth and be who you wanna be cuz friends with the devil never changed who I gotta be' . There's about 500 words in between and quite a few pivots. I'll keep ya posted on anything new. Thank you a million times over for stopping by and taking a listen. Much love,



Hello + EP Update 

Hello! Thanks for stopping by to my music page. I spent the weekend up North in Burlington with the talented Jerry Craft (www.jerrycraftmusic.com) recording vocals and guitar for my first EP, PowderHouse. 'Fine Blue Crystalline Line' and 'Ainchofren' are songs I've written over the last 8 years so needless to say I'm excited to finally see the finish line with them. Also recorded a live version of 'OH! The Pleasure's Mine' which I hope y'all enjoy. Should have them out in the next month and get to playing venues up in VT come the new year! Stay tuned and thanks, having anyone take the time to listen is already a dream come true. And check out Jerry Crafts page, he's top talent. 




Howdy, music people! Welcome to the launch of sonnyblaise.com. Sonny Blaise is an emerging artist who is already causing a stir among music-industry veterans. Sonny's music is raw and sincere, with some 90's rock influence peppered in for good taste. STP meets Tom Petty. Sonny's lyrics are concise and dramatic, taking the listeners on a 5-minute journey to a place they've never been. Drums, bass, and guitars push the groove and are sure to get your ass moving. 

Sonny is currently working with Nashville music producer Jerry Craft on a debut EP, so check here often for updates and samples. Sonny is setting up performance dates as well, so check here for upcoming shows and go check him out!

Thanks for supporting independent music, people. When you buy a ticket, CD, or shirt, you become as much a part of the musical journey as the artists. See you soon!


~New England BMI Songwriters Collective