I feel the pressures of old, the same stressors I know 

A disciple of No, allaleajah to go 

 Can we just drop shop and live among the demons 

Do we rip that chain and bleed until ya listen 

I’m alive young fella, I’ma survive young fella 

Tell me your name, lead me to play 

Leave me lost in the middle to be among my people 

I’ma ride on it, I’ma just vibe on it  

I’ma let the light burn low and dance until the feeling 

Of that kid with that drive I dare to dream of freedom  

See I got to believe that one day I will wake up from a dream  

And the shell of a mask of fear I lose  

That came from a few years of tightening the noose 

Will lay underneath the ground 

 in bones of strife and seeds of sound  

Of dreams that keep growing in laughter so loud 

Still I  lean on that gas let the irony drown and say 

I couldn’t tell you the last time I spoke to myself 

The last time that I seen these eyes 

The last time that I held my head up high and 

I couldn’t tell you the last time we held one another 

The last time we broke bread with each other 

The last time we were sisters and brothers 

We’re a people of all different colors 

The same kinda mother, to love one another is to say 

Ain’t no pain without progress, you see 

What a dreamer could be, what the children could lead  

And i say 

Ain’t no pain without answers 

What a dreamer could be is a child 

Still I’m fucking with myself, guess I'd have a few words for myself wouldn't I

Ok you dumb motherfucka, you listen now to your mother 

As you pull out ya driveways, eyes blazed 

I know the truth, I know that shit you been pushing 

Ain’t half as bad as the lies or the hurt on the  

Needle you know dam well these lines 

Hol up a minute, what is the limit, when did you choose 

To be part of a prism that trembles and falls while it turns 

 From the I to the me not the us yet we survive 

So now you say that your heart been gone back East  

since November you can’t quite figure it out 

  what’s the matter whatcha broke ass can’t handle  

a few spring showers 

 ten dozen flowers, dead and broke in an hour 

if the roots don’t hold then the color won’t matter  

If the sky rains pain from a semi-automatic 

Will we grow with their spirits and fuck off these demons 

No god fearing heathen, no Rasputin bleeding  

son a Sam type shit on an Uncle caught kneeling 

To a People caught sleeping Oh did I miss the meeting  

Ya fuckin right so maybe now you oughta make a decision 

If livin’s for you, if your driven to choose 

If you’ll listen to truth,  gramma said you  

Had your mothers laugh your daddy’s smile 

Your brothers eyes your cousins cries now tangled in the thorn of lies a dreamer to the dawn of days  

We shelter those who brave the way